Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Its a freakshow in here, it really is. A cornucopia of random nonsense, deep & meaningful manifestations of inner turmoils, and gratuitous use of big, pretentious sounding words. And midgets.

Well welcome to it, folks. I have a blog now. Im not really sure it has a theme or point or ANY continuity whatsoever. I AM sure that I will most likely offend someone at some point with some comment or my inappropriate language. Well guess what, Its MY blog and Ill spew out whatever the hell Ive got on my mind, and by god, youre gonna like it!  Or maybe you wont, whatever. Maybe this will give my sensitive Facebook friends a little break from my "sense of humor", and my constant dropping of the F- bomb (gasp! not the dreaded F word!). Oh yeah, theres gonna be stuff about sex, and sextoys on here too. 
So without further a-doooo...Fuck, Fuck, Fuckity- Fuck-Fucking-Fuckers. Dildos. Aaaaaaand random shit from my FUCKED UP inner-world. Good Luck Fuckers! I think Im gonna like it here....>:)

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